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Meet the Southern Utah Bicycle Alliance Board


Kye Nordfelt


Kye Nordfelt is the Director of Health Promotions at the Southwest Utah Public Health Department.
Kye has worked in public health for over a decade on topics ranging from promoting active
transportation to discouraging teen drug use. Kye is an avid biker – enjoying his daily bike commute
to work. Kye completed his Masters of Public Administration from Brigham Young University.
Kye resides in St. George with his wife, 5 children and dog; he enjoys mountain biking and recreating outdoors with his family in southern Utah.

Marc Mortenson

Vice President

Marc has been involved in the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 St. George events since
their inception in 2010 as both an event organizer and a participant. In 2014 he
became a member of the Southern Utah Bicycle Alliance (SUBA) Board and helped
to create the St. George Active Transportation Committee in early 2015 under the
direction of Mayor Pike and the St. George City Council. In 2017 Marc joined the
Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association Board as the Washington County Representative. Marc is passionate about adding to the St. George brand as an
outdoor recreation destination by enhancing infrastructure to encourage
more people to ride.

He and the St. George Active Transportation Committee spearheaded the
development of the city’s first active transportation plan specific to St. George to be incorporated in the City’s Master Transportation Plan under ordinance in 2017.
Better trail connectivity, more education for motorists and cyclists, increased
visibility of cyclists, and improved on-street cycling facilities are of the upmost
importance to Marc in making our city more bicycle friendly. His end goal is for
bicycling to be seen not only as a fun recreational activity, but also as a viable
means of transportation for locals and visitors.

Tom Dansie


Tom Dansie lives in Hurricane with his family. He loves riding everywhere in Washington County–his two favorite places to ride are are Zion Canyon and the Hurricane Fields. He is passionate about making Washington County a better, safer place to ride bikes, especially for kids and families. A City Planner by training and profession, Tom works for the Town of Springdale where he plans for a bicycle and pedestrian friendly community.

Denise Purdue


I have lived in St. George since 2004. When not cycling in beautiful Washington
County, I am guiding bicycle tours or playing with my granddaughter. I love to
cycle the bike paths and quiet roads with my family.

Craig Shanklin

Past President

After retiring from the healthcare industry, Craig and his wife Di, have pursued
cycling in almost every form…commuting, century rides, social rides with friends,
mountain biking, and regular shopping trips to the grocery store. Craig also
competes in the Huntsman World Senior Games and other road races and
is an active triathlete competing in all 4 distances including the full Ironman.
Craig and Di also love exploring and touring by bike and have mountain biked
the 2500 mile Great Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada. Craig was one of the
founders of SUBA and served as it’s first President for nearly 5 years. He also
serves on other non-profit boards including the Healthy Dixie Council, Snow
Canyon State Park Citizens Advisory Council and the St. George City Active
Transportation Committee.

Ryan Gurr

Past President

Ryan has been in the cycling industry over 20 years in various roles and has been
active in advocacy in Southern Utah since moving to St George in the year 2000.
He was a founding member of SUBA and has seen the group affect policy and
infrastructure to benefit both local and visiting cyclists. As a lifetime cyclist, Ryan’s
passion lead his career path from a bicycle mechanic in 1998 to the owner of Red
Rock Bicycle today.

Dannielle Larkin

Past President

•lifelong cycling enthusiast
•27 year resident of majestic Southern Utah
•Sociology/Anthropology nerd
•St George Bicycle Collective co-founder
•St George Planning Commissioner

John Reed


My history of bicycling:
Like most people when I was a kid I was an enthusiastic cyclist. My first bike was a
World War II vintage Rollfast that was a handed down from my dad. Naturally I
couldn’t reach the seat and had to do all my pedaling standing up. I decorated it
myself with red and blue spray paint. I come from a cycling heritage. 30 years
after I traded it for motorized transportation my father still used it, commuting
10 miles across Salt Lake to where he worked as a music teacher. I tried to get
him to buy a new bike but his response was “I can just lean this up against a
tree anywhere and don’t have to worry about it. And even if someone steals
it for a ride the police know who it belongs to and return it to me.

I took up cycling later in life when I was in my mid-20s. First it was for fitness
and then enjoyment. I have been an avid cyclist ever since. Road at first and
then mountain when they came out. I cycle back and forth between the two now.

On advocacy:
Improving the cycling environment in Washington County has always been
important to me. I believe that bicycles have the same right to the road as
cars and that the roadways should reflect that. All projects that improve
roadways for motorists should also include improve facilities for cyclists.
Accomplishing this works best when we can work with government instead
of just pointing out what they do wrong. I have been exited to see bicycling
being given an emphasis by local and state governments.
Another aspect of improving cycling opportunities had been to work with
children to educate them in biking safely and helping create an
environment where they feel comfortable riding.
I have been happy and proud to be a part of the Southern Utah Bicycle
Alliance that has been a key in these efforts.

What I would like to see in the future:
There has been really good growth of bicycling infrastructure in Washington
County. One prospect that excites me a continuous paved trails system from
Ivins to Zion National Park.

Arthur LeBaron


I will never forget when I received my first bike- a Schwinn for my 8th birthday.
It was a fixer-upper that my Dad came up with and I was so thrilled! I used that
bike relentlessly to commute to school (about 1 mile each way), baseball practice,
city swimming pool, and any destination of interest to an average kid. I remember
learning to ride a wheelie on that bike, and I could ride all the way to school on my
back wheel without touching down. My older brother and I rigged up some pretty
sweet jumps with cinder blocks and plywood that made our mothers cringe.

Over the years I have done a lot of mountain biking, but over the last 12 years
I have mostly stuck to road cycling as a daily commuter and Ironman St. George

I have 7 children, all of whom have been taught, and expected to use their bikes
for transportation to school and otherwise. Active transportation is a passion of
mine, and as the City Engineer for Hurricane City, I strive to provide public
infrastructure that is friendly to all modes of transportation, including cycling.

In my perfect world school children would either be bussed or ride their bikes
or walk to school and there would be no traffic jams in the school-yard, or
parents idling their cars in the parking lot. Cyclists and motorists would show
each other mutual respect, each observing the others’ legal and practical right
to use of the road.

I love living Southern Utah where cycling can take place at least 300 days out
of the year, and traffic is not a huge factor on most of our popular cycling routes.
It is a privilege for me to serve on the SUBA Board where I have the opportunity
to advocate for bicycle-friendly policies and infrastructure across the region and
hopefully make a positive, meaningful difference for future generations!

Nathan Merrill


I enjoy living in Southern Utah because regardless of the season, there’s always somewhere close by to ride. There are a variety of cycling options available and I
am excited to be a part of expanding the possibilities.

Holly O'Keefe


Holly has lived in Southern Utah for over 13 years but still considers herself a
Chicago girl at heart. She has been riding the Kayenta loop for eight years but
also sprinkles in some mountain biking at the Bear Claw Poppy trail. She is an
owner of Rapid Cycling in St. George.

Kevin Lewis


Kevin Lewis is the Director of Tourism for Washington County, Utah. Kevin’s
influence has helped transform the area’s brand from a quiet golf and retirement
community into an exciting destination for adventure, sports and outdoor
recreation. He played the lead role in bringing major events like the
IRONMAN 70.3 North American Championship and Tour of Utah to the
St. George area, and developed innovative advertising campaigns and
marketing strategies to showcase the variety of activity, scenery and
recreation available. Kevin is a graduate of Southern Utah University
with degrees in Broadcast Journalism and English.

Scott Richardson


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