SUBA Board Meeting - Jan 13, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Members in Attendance: Kye Nordfelt, Tom Dansie, Holly O’Keefe, Denise Purdue, Ryan Gurr, John  Reed, Dannielle Larkin

Others: Emily Friedman, Tracy Munson

Kye called the meeting Call to Order at 1:04pm.

1. Welcome and Introductions. Board members and guests introduced themselves. 2. Past Meeting Follow Up:

a. Review minutes and report on assignments:

Dannielle reported on the Intermountain grant invoice. Intermountain will reinvoice.

Tracey and Jeff will continue to attend. One will formally be appointed a non-voting  member.  

Tom will include UDOT members on agenda notices.  

Tom will make a sign in sheet for future meetings.

Denise has the missing key to mailbox and will continue to monitor the mailbox.  

Denise clarified that SUBA has D/O insurance and general liability insurance, whereas  the December minutes indicate only D/O insurance.

Transportation expo: The previous policy requiring non-government entities to have a  sponsor has been rescinded. SUBA can participate without need for St. George  sponsorship.  

John motion to approve minutes, Danielle second. Passed unanimously.  

b. Financial Report, Denise: Pay pal donations for the year - about $800 came in from year-end  donation request. It is difficult to tell whether donations were for CWA or for SUBA. Holly  suggested we could tell whether donations were for CWA or for SUBA based on dates. Based on  a review of dates it appears only one donation was potentially intended for CWA ($50). Payments – The only activity was payment for constant contact. Dannielle has been removed  from bank account, Kye added. Denise suggested registering CWA as a dba under SUBA in order

to make separate bank account. Denise will research dba process with the State. Danielle  motion to allow CWA to set up a dba under SUBA, and authorization to pay the set-up fee  (about $39), Marc second. Passed unanimously. Denise will set up separate Pay Pal. 

Denise discussed the following pending payemnts: LAB membership $75, D/O insurance $575,  General Liability insurance ~$280, Semi-annual website maintenance $300

Discussion on whether or not we need general liability insurance. Grocery Rides are posted under SUBA  facebook page. Decision to clarify that grocery rides are not a SUBA sponsored event. The Board decided  to eliminate general liability insurance, maintain D/O insurance at one million dollars. Marc motion to  approve as payments as presented and discussed (eliminating general liability insurance), second  John. Passed unanimously.

Ryan will talk to Craig about facebook post policy related to grocery rides.

Denise received notice for applications for funding opportunity through SelectHealth that might be  useful to CWA. Ryan will follow up with Scott on funding possibility. 

5. New Business

a. Strategic Planning for 2020:  

What are we trying to accomplish?

What do we do now and want to continue?

Work with UDOT, intergovernmental connections. County, municipalities, DTEC/DTAC.  Reviewing projects and influencing policy. Directing funding. Millions of dollars spent on  bicycle improvements. Working on connectivity in trails and bicycle infrastructure. Excellent success with relationships, most successes come from relationships (not  policy). Supporting events like bike month, bike to school day, bike buddies.

What do we want to focus on in the future?

Need to work with employers to make accommodation for bike commuters (showers,  bike racks, job flexibility, etc.).

Utilize relationships to influence policy.  

Need to be able to review projects earlier. Be more proactive in getting projects for  review. Need to be aware of every UDOT project? SUBA can decide which projects need  to have feedback from SUBA. Tracy commented the UDOT might be able to share that  information with an individual. Craig was volunteered in absentia to receive the  information and review the projects. 

Marc suggested we should help cities implement their active transportation plans. We  need to help cities adopt ordinances that bind developers to active transportation /  complete streets policy. Work through political process to put pressure on communities  to pass complete streets ordinances. Work with neighborhoods/communities to identify  deficient infrastructure and advocate for bicycle improvements.

Need to work with businesses and developers to create bicycle infrastructure. Maybe  recognize businesses at Chamber of Commerce, SUHBA luncheons.  

Need to create a key leader board to help make connections.

Need to continue to “get out” and build community support for cycling.  

Engage Dixie State University to become more bike friendly. Marc will talk to Paul at  DSU about bike friendliness. John suggested using bicycle friendly university status from  LAB as a tool to engage DSU.  

PR and Outreach Committee to create policy for SUBA awarding developers/businesses  for excellent bicycle improvements.  

Kye, Marc, Arthur to put together plan for helping cities adopt complete street  ordinance. 

Arthur suggested Road Respect was a great program to increase bike awareness. Maybe  SUBA could be influential in bringing them back. Kye will invite Heidi G from UDOT to  come and present on the state of Road Respect and related programs.  

Review of Vision Statement. How well are we doing? What is our grade? Dannielle commented that we  are struggling getting a significant share of transportation accomplished via bicycle, mainly because  there has not been good progress in promoting respect between vehicles and bicycles. John suggested  providing infrastructure to separate road users is key to promoting safety and respect.  

Dixie Transportation Expo help: Arthur, Marc, John, Kye, Tom, and Ryan all volunteered to help plan and  staff the SUBA booth at the Transportation Expo.

What are goals for Expo? Marc suggested to use expo to educate community on role of SUBA. Get  suggestions from communities on where safe routes to school are needed, and how SUBA can help  advocate. Ryan suggested displaying content from active transportation plan. Kye will take the lead on  organizing information and content for expo. Ryan might have some giveaways left that we can  distribute. Arthur motion to make $100 for incidental expo supplies, Denise second. Passed  unanimously. Marc will double check on expo fee and have Karen Roundy follow up. 

John will continue to work on his committee. 

John motion to adjourn, Arthur second at 2:32pm.

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