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Meeting Minutes 


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SUBA Board Meeting January 11, 2021 – 1:00 PM Online via Zoom and/or phone Board Members in Attendance: Kye Nordfelt, Dannielle Larkin, Marc Mortensen, Craig Shanklin, Ryan Gurr, Denise Purdue, Kim Pollock, Patty Wise, Benjamin Rae, John Reed, Brett Burgess. Others: Leslie Fonger (Greater Zion), Ryan Tiu (MPO). Kye called the meeting to order at 1:05 pm WELCOME and ANNOUNCEMENTS Kye Nordfelt welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited everyone to introduce themselves. PAST MEETING FOLLOW UP Kye reviewed the December meeting minutes and assignments. Kim Pollock reported the SUBA newsletter had a high open rate and resulted in several donations. Articles from board members for future newsletters are encouraged. DSU pop-up project: DSU has recognized that losing parking is not a detriment. Planning for two streets to receive new bike lanes: Flood Street and the west side of 700 East along the perimeter of DSU campus. The objective is for a protected lane on 700 East, with a recommendation for the bike lane to go all the way north to provide connectivity to bike trails through Springs Park. Kye reminded board members to review the mission statement and forward comments to him. Motion to approve the December meeting minutes made by Dannielle Larkin; seconded by Brett Burgess; approved unanimously. FINANCIAL REPORT Denise Purdue reviewed the 2020 year-end financial report. Payment was made to Constant Contact. We received two small donations from the Benevity Fund. There has been no activity in January 2021. Denise reported that the SAM (System Award Management) registration was renewed. Denise reported that both the League of American Bicyclists membership ($75) and Officers and Directors Liability Insurance ($575 in 2020) are up for renewal. Motion requested to approve expenditures. Motion to approve expenditures made by John Reed; seconded by Craig Shanklin; approved unanimously. Denise reported that the final UORG invoice was submitted. Follow-up communication from Tara McKee at the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation indicated that there might be a problem receiving final payment in the amount of $2,677.50. The contract grant extension expired on May 1, 2020 and Tara indicated we should have requested an additional extension. Denise will contact Tara to request the additional contract extension to aid in payment. COMMITTEE BREAKOUTS AND REPORTS: PLANNING AND INFRASTRUCTURE COMMITTEE: Members: Patty Wise (Chair), Kye Nordfelt, Brett Burgess, Jeff Sanders, Craig Shanklin, John Reed, Arthur LeBaron ! Patty reported the committee met with Myron Lee and Ryan Tiu to review MPO projects and funding mechanisms. ! Patty requested Ryan forward the MPO planning information that was presented (map and PowerPoint presentation). ! Jeff Sanders (UDOT) reported on 4-mile SR17 bike lane being constructed by developer will not be separated from traffic. ! Committee will have a standing meeting time on the first Wed of the month at 4pm. ! Ryan reported that the MPO would like to focus on connectivity for commuters. ! John Reed reported on the Hwy 91 project, which is 90% complete. A bike lane both directions will be installed to 600 West. There will also be a couple of round-abouts installed with sharrows. Future funding is needed to complete the multi-use path as far west as Fire Lake Park. ! Zion National Park is using tracking software to determine shuttle use/capacity and parking usage. The tracking app is owned by DSU and was developed in partnership with Greater Zion. Patty plans to follow-up on the opportunity to use the app for determining local trail usage. ! Dannielle Larkin reported that the City of St. George is considering approving some funding for a larger trail etiquette campaign. They are getting a lot of complaints about e-bikes going extremely fast on trails and endangering people. If board members have suggestions for what this should look like, please email Dannielle with your ideas. danniellelarkin@gmail.com ! Dannielle has been asked to help the developers with the rerouting of the Kentucky Lucky Trail start and end. Dannielle will reach out for suggestions when they start the discussions. The new development will include a paved trail along Bloomington Hills Drive into the development and connecting to the trailhead. The trail will be shortened by approximately 3⁄4-mile due to the reroute. COMMUNITY OUTREACH AND PUBLIC RELATIONS: Members: Gail Artrip (Chair), Dannielle Larkin, Craig Shanklin, Ryan Gurr, Kim Pollock, Della Lowe ! Craig Shanklin and Kim Pollock provided the committee report. ! Kim provided an update on website concerns. The website developer, St. George Design, has made some changes to the website and has asked for a $300 retainer for future, ongoing work. Kim made a motion to pay St. George Design a $300 retainer; seconded by John Reed; approved unanimously. ! Kim reminded board members to forward documents that should be stored on our Cloud drive. John Reed established an organizational format for those documents. ! Craig reported that Kim established a Zoom account for board members to use for committee meetings and other SUBA activities. ! Craig reported that the committee determined we should promote the Greater Zion bike route website sooner and will propose a plan in the next 30-days. ! The next newsletter will go out this month. ! The committee is working on a 5-10 minute presentation on SUBA to be used to introduce SUBA to various cities and agencies to let them know SUBA is a resource for active transportation issues. ! Potential newsletter articles were discussed. Craig is keeping a list of topics and board members who would like to contribute. BOARD MAINTENANCE AND DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: Members: Kye Nordfelt (Chair), Marc Mortensen, Denise Purdue ! Kye reported that the committee met and reviewed board assignments. Benjamin Rae was invited to join the Planning and Infrastructure Committee. STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN Kye Nordfelt reviewed the SUBA strategic action plan, goals, and tasks including current status of each item. We have completed many tasks, and are making good progress on the plan. Goal 1: Help cities implement their Active Transportation Plans. ! Kye reported that Tom Millar has submitted his draft of the Complete Streets Ordinance to city council members. The City Council is scheduled to review the proposed ordinance on February 11th. Kye will schedule meetings with each of the City Council members individually to answer questions and concerns. Board Members will be asked to participate as well. Goal 2: Review Street Projects during the planning phase and provide feedback for cyclists. ! The Planning and Infrastructure Committee is actively working on this task. ! Benjamin Rae reported that the road-widening project for Dam Rd would be starting within the next two months. The project starts at 900 E and goes to the Long Valley intersection. The project will include a bike lane. Craig would like to include an article in the newsletter. ! The new Canal Trail project to Crimson High School in Washington City was discussed. There is great support in the community for this trail, which requires further funding for completion. Goal 3: No discussion. Goal 4: Help Dixie State University become more bike friendly. ! Pop-up project anticipated to occur in March. Goal 5: Recognize developers/businesses/governments for excellence in bicycle improvements. Goal 6: Celebrate/Highlight Successes of SUBA. ! Kye led discussion on updating or changing our Strategic Action Plan for 2021. Kim suggested highlighting our successes in upcoming SUBA newsletters and on the SUBA website. ! John Reed suggested each board member submit an idea for the 2021 Strategic Action Plan. NEW BUSINESS: ! Transportation Expo o Craig reported that the 2021 Transportation Expo would be held virtually. Craig suggested we use the taping of the panel discussion for the Economic Summit as our content. Much of the taped discussion was about active transportation and mountain biking. ! Ryan Gurr discussed the ongoing issue of enforcement of new and existing bike lanes. SUBA was involved in the painting of bike symbols in the bike lanes on 100 South. Residents continually park in the bike lanes, making them virtually unrideable. John Reed suggested the installation of “no parking in bike lane” signage. Ryan suggested an informational campaign in the form of a flyer be provided local residents who now have a bike lane in front of their house. ! Craig provided an update on the $3000 donation for getting kids on bikes. Kye had previously suggested using the funds to get an additional school involved in the Specialized Outride Program. The Healthy Dixie Council has offered to match the funds, allowing us to apply for a Specialized Outride matching grant. Craig made a motion to apply the funds to a Specialized Outride program for a school yet to be identified; seconded by Ryan Gurr; approved unanimously. ! Marc Mortensen reported that the City does have a map layer with the bike fix it stations on it. Board members should consider ideas for some type of a maintenance schedule on an annual basis for St. George and neighboring cities. Meeting adjourned at 2:59 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Denise Purdue, Secretary / Treasurer

SUBA Board Meeting

April 12, 2021
Online via Zoom and/or phone

Board Members in Attendance: Kye Nordfelt, Marc Mortensen, Dannielle Larkin, Craig Shanklin, Patty Wise, Gail Artrip, Arthur LeBaron, Brett Burgess, Ryan Gurr, Jackie Grant

Others: Jeff Sanders (UDOT), Leslie Fonger (Greater Zion), Ryan Tiu (MPO).


Jackie told us about the “Slow Roll in Cedar” event on May 7th in Cedar City. The path will go around SUU campus for a ¼ mile. There will be a temporary bike lane. Several local officials will be in attendance.

Jackie also updated the group on the status of Cedar City seeking a “Community Project Funding” grant (aka, earmark). The project is a trail and pump track along Industrial Road. Jackie provided more information about how the grants work and how to apply. She said the deadline is this Friday. There was some discussion about possible projects in Washington County. Art LeBaron said he didn’t have any projects in Hurricane that are good candidates. Also, there was some discussion about a grant to do more planning for the SR-7 pathway. Jeff agreed to follow up with Craig about pursuing this route.

Marc gave a report on the temporary bike lane on 700 East. The event did was it was supposed to do; namely, to create conversations. Some students complained that on-street parking on 700 East was removed. Kye created a video of the event which Marc plans to show at an upcoming City Council meeting.

Marc gave an update on Complete Streets policy, which had its first work session meeting with the St. George City Council. At the meeting, Cameron Cutler, the city’s Public Work Director, expressed concerns about the affordability of the policy which caused some worry among some council members. There will be another meeting sometime in the next four weeks and Marc is seeking individuals to attend in person to show support for the ordinance. Kye suggested one-on-one meetings with council members to address some concerns privately. Kye also hopes individuals will reach out to their representatives. There was some discussion about how to make the next meeting more successful. Marc wants to get into the weeds at the next meeting and demonstrate how this policy will result in sustainable and cost-effective infrastructure. He is worried the Complete Streets Policy is viewed as a luxury and not as essential. Art said that better roadway cross sections, which would be a result of the Complete Streets Policy, will provide lower overall costs. Art emailed Hurricane City cross sections to SUBA board members.  Brett weighed in from a developer perspective and said he understood where Cameron’s concern come from. Brett recommended working more closely with Cameron to alleviate his concerns and to demonstrate how the Policy could result in cost savings. For example, a developer would more likely agree to pay for a trail along a main road if the interior local streets were narrower.


Marc and Danielle met with the St. George Police Department about public safety concerns. The police are open to a safety campaign, but cautioned that it needs staying power.  The police cited the need for stricter state laws on using electronic devices while driving. They discussed other possible safety measures. Marc said that the Complete Streets policy would provide many of the safety benefits the police are seeking and would follow up with them if there’s an opportunity to include their input at the city council meeting.

Danielle reported that the Public Works staff agreed to pain bike symbols around the city. SUBA will follow up with Cameron Cutler on this commitment.

There was a motion to approve the minutes from March 22, 2021. Craig made the motion and Ryan Gurr seconded. All approved.




Members: Patty Wise (Chair), Kye Nordfelt, Brett Burgess, Jeff Sanders, Craig Shanklin, John Reed, Arthur LeBaron, Benjamin Rae.

Patty reported that the subcommittee recently met. The meeting was focused on putting together a spreadsheet of transportation projects from nearby cities. Members brainstormed how to put together this list to maximize SUBA influence on project development. Craig said the database may be the most important initiative we have. SUBA has frequently been surprised by projects and don’t have an opportunity to weigh in. The list is used during SUBA’s Executive Director Meeting. Also, the list can help guide the discussion with UDOT.


Members: Gail Artrip (Chair), Dannielle Larkin, Craig Shanklin, Ryan Gurr, Kim Pollock, Della Lowe.

No report.


Members: Kye Nordfelt (Chair), Marc Mortensen, Denise Purdue

No report.


Kye reviewed the SUBA strategic action plan and highlighted some proposed changes:

Goal 1 Strategy A: Working to pass a Complete Streets Policy in Washington City was added.

Goal 1 Strategy B: This is a proposed new strategy. Brett wondered if we could get bikes for council members to get on Mayor’s Loop. Ryan Gurr said his demo fleet is short-handed. All agreed to discuss other options in the future regarding this goal.

Goal 4 Strategy C: Another new proposed strategy. Brett said SUBA may help with cost estimating for arterial trails north, south, east, and west across St. George. Dannielle likes the idea but doesn’t want take attention away from the Complete Streets Policy and other more basic needs. Ryan wondered about mapping potential routes and to identify minor improvements.

Kye asked members to review changes and bring back comments.


Kye brought up Bike Month in May. Both St. George and Washington have some planned activities for Bike Month in May. Danielle wondered if SUBA could compile some possible ideas and activities that we could send to other cities for next year’s Bike Month.

Thank you for supporting SUBA!