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Navigate the roads of Southern Utah on bicycle.


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The Washington County Recreational Road Bike Network initiative is one of the most labor-intensive and visible projects SUBA has tackled. The need to have bicycle routes in Washington County be marked on roadways has has interested SUBA for a number of years. A network of routes was identified by the board, but there was no funding to implement it. 

A few years ago, SUBA funded the necessary signing of the Veyo Loop. Craig Shanklin approached the Washington County Sports Commission about funding signage on another route. They liked the idea so much they wanted to fund the signing of all the routes and approved $10,000 for the project. John Reed agreed to spearhead the implementation.

He looked for ways to use the grant from the Sports Commission to increase funding. He applied for a grant from the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation and SUBA was granted additional money in matching funds. Reed designed the signage plan, a distributed system of trailheads with public bicycle maintenance stations and maps of the routes.
Once complete, the signs will aid in visitors and locals easily navigating the roads of Southern Utah on bicycle.


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