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Everybody has the right to get wind in their hair.



Cycling Without Age is a joy spreading movement that changes the every day life of residents at nursing homes and asssisted living facilities. It was started in Denmark in 2012 and is spreading to towns and cities around the world. To bring CWA to St. George will show the people here that cycling has no age and that everybody has the right to get wind in their hair.

Volunteers, called pilots, offer free trishaw bicycle rides to elderly people. Experience from Denmark and around the world show that Cycling Without Age has the potential to build strong communities, citizenship and friendships. It will also put Saint George on the map for doing something extraordinary for the elderly.

In order to start Cycling Without Age, we need trishaws and insurance for the program. A trishaw is a three wheeled, highly specialized bicycle with room for two passengers in front and a driver (pilot) behind the passengers. The design of the trishaw, and the electrical assist power motor, make it very comfortable for the passengers and easy pedal for the pilot.

The current goal is to raise $ 30,000. This will make it possible to purchase two trishaws and to cover insurance and liability costs for the first year of the program. Cycling Without Age St George is an initiative of the SUBA(Southern Utah Bicycle Alliance) which is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to SUBA-CWA St George are tax deductible.

We invite sponsors and in-kind donors to support our efforts in giving the elderly citizens of St. George the right to wind in their hair.

Following are the key reasons to support Cycling Without Age:

  • You get recognition for showing a deep commitment to make St. George an even better place to grow old. You get meaningful publicity as part of the launching events and through social media.
  • You show that social responsibility and creating friendship across generations are important to you and your business
  • Cycling Without Age is good for physical, mental and social health and also serves as a role model for an active lifestyle. Furthermore it has the potential to improve quality of life and reduce health costs
  • You can join the movement by donating money, by signing up to become a pilot or by offering a discount on a product or service you sell. Every contribution counts, small or large. Please see the next page for the different sponsorship options. Donations can be mailed to CWA St George, PO Box 943, Santa Clara, Utah 84765.For questions please contact: Scott Richardson, volunteer for Cycling Without Age St. George at: st.george@cyclingwithoutage.com or 435-705-4165. Website: https://cyclingwithoutage.com/st-george/

    USA Website: https://cyclingwithoutage.com/ Check out short videos about program

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cyclingwithoutagestgeorge

    Thank you in advance for your support and your donation.


Thank you for supporting SUBA!