Vision: The Southern Utah Bicycle Alliance (SUBA) envisions a bicycle rich environment for southern Utah. Within 20 years Southern Utah will become a community where:

  • Bicycling is recognized as a viable means of transportation, and the significant benefits of bicycling are valued by the community as a whole.
  • Bicyclists are treated with respect and courtesy by other road users, and extend the same respect and courtesy in return.
  • Bicyclists, local governments, UDOT, and other road users all work cooperatively to ensure safety and efficiency for all forms of transportation.
  • Bicycling for competition and recreation both benefit the local economy.
  • A significant share of all transportation is accomplished via bicycle, thus reducing traffic congestion and air pollution.
  • School children have a safe option to ride bicycles to school, helping to promote childhood health and lifelong active lifestyles.


Mission: SUBA strives to promote the infrastructure, policies, attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge necessary to make bicycling safe, convenient, and inviting for residents of and visitors to southern Utah. SUBA endeavors to help local communities reap the economic, health, and transportation benefits of increased bicycling.


Goals: To achieve our vision and fulfill our mission, SUBA actively works toward the following goals:

  • Safety: Ensure bicycling in Southern Utah is as safe as possible through education, advocacy, and strategic partnerships with governmental agencies.
  • Community: Partner with local governments and other community organizations to promote increased respect for the value of bicycling in Southern Utah.
  • Convenience: Advocate for and facilitate the development of a connected and complete network of bicycle transportation infrastructure.
  • Economic: Help communities take advantage of bicycle related tourism and other economic development opportunities associated with bicycling.
  • Health: Promote healthy and active lifestyles by inviting all Southern Utah residents to enjoy bicycling.

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Thank you for supporting SUBA!